photos by Maciek Jasik.
In the past decade, Ed Tullett has served as a primary songwriter, producer, and contributor on countless records, spanning five projects (including Novo Amor and Hailaker). But with Lowswimmer - his first solo endeavour - he invites us into a world crafted from a vision that's decidedly his own. Marked by the orchestral opulence Tullett is known for, but paired with a sense of novel intimacy, Lowswimmer's 'Red-Eye Effect' is a collection of songs concerned as much withrearview reflection as they are a hopeful sense of venturing forward. Featuring many longtime collaborators, 'Red Eye Effect' sees Tullett peering into the faded Polaroid of his past, constructing sonic worlds that echo with the auditory artifacts of his late 90s childhood, emulating the sense of emotional release thatcomes from facing moments of transition head on.

by A.O Gerber